MogaDao Yoga

The MogaDao Yoga Series

MogaDao Yoga derives from Zhen Dao’s studies in the root traditions of the two major branches of Indian Yoga, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. She has combined the precision of Iyengar Yoga with the dynamism of Ashtanga Yoga into a yoga that conforms to Qigong principles of energy and harmony which inhere in 5 Realms Theory.

Trauma Yoga for Parasympathis begins to un-sympathize the “alarm” in the central nervous system. It nourishes the Earth realm by restoring a sense of belonging within the self and begins to strengthen an active sense of inner power and consequent calm. 

Erotogenic Yoga is a series focused on Zhen Dao’s innovations of asana and breathwork (“Erotogenic Breathing”) that enliven the sensual body by strengthening key muscles that support sexual vitality, increasing blood flow to the erogenous zones, and thereby relaxing the spirit. 

Sunrise Yoga

Sunset Yoga

MogaDao 5-Realms Yoga is a standard hatha yoga class where every traditional yoga asana is categorized according to MogaDao’s 5-Realms Theory: wood, fire, earth, metal or water. A specific Realm is chosen as the anatomical and spiritual focus for that day’s practice which creates a deeply nourishing and comprehensive experience.

“Sunny is an incredible teacher and guide. She has helped me see things about myself and open in ways that I never could do on my own. Sunny has changed my life with her kindness, compassion and unconditional faith and love. I am honored to have her as a teacher and friend. She is a bright light in this world, and is constantly surprising me with her depth of insight and crystal clear vision. Thank you Sunny for your constant inspiration.”

Nikesha Breeze

MogaDao DaoShen, Sacred Body Undivided