Mythosomatic Qigong

Weekly Online Mythosomatic Qigong Classes

Tuesdays and Saturdays: 9:00am - 10:00am MDT

$10 per class

New students always welcome.

We will practice a huge width of the Mythosomatic Qigong forms during these two ongoing series,

depending on the season, the needs of the participants and the fascination of the instructor.

The Mythosomatic Qigong Forms

Three Pillars Qigong for Trauma, Anxiety and Grief: This form was created in response to the modern epidemic of anxiety and trauma, with an understanding of the way that “biographical” trauma intersects with how the “infosphere” has colonized modes of self-sovereignty and human freedom. This series focuses on the three phases of trauma that Zhen Dao has identified as the essential stages of healing the “shatterment” of the Jing-Qi bridge—the passage between one’s destiny and one’s capacity to express it—that characterizes all types of trauma. The form consists of three sets or pillars: “Parasympathis,” a coinage describing the active process of calming the traumatized nervous system; Neurogenesis, or the building of non-shattered pathways of Qi; and Reintegration, or the preparation of the field of qi for experience. This form reflects the understanding that the imagination is the foundation of healing.

The Essential Goodness form is a stand-alone version of the third pillar of the Three Pillars form for Anxiety and Trauma. The energetic focus is the integration of the self with the world as well as the cosmic energies that backdrop everything in the world. It is to make the bridge from our original, authentic desire with its proper objects. All of these forms embody sensuality, but not ecstasy. They are energetic totems of embrace: of self, spirit and the world.

The Hieratic Stances are the sacred human “architectures” of a vast field of human psychospiritual qualities and archetypes. The series follows a careful, systematic pattern with respect to the powers and energies that are enhanced, harvested, and expressed in each of the stances. As such, the stance series is, in reality, an original qigong form of static poses that are fluidly connected. The word “hieratic” in this usage means a heightened sacred and devotional attitude suited to the invocation of numinous power.

The Mythos Cycle is one of the most comprehensive—and the first—qigong series of the MogaDao practice tradition. Ten qigong forms are combined fluidly and gracefully, covering all of the zangfu organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the archetypal, mythopoetic, and spiritual attributes of qigong as expressed in Post-Daoist philosophy. It is the combination of spirituality and physiology that makes this form particularly potent and profound.

The Immunity Form touches on the internal essence of the organs related to each of the Five Realms in order to abet and nourish the immune system during this time of the pandemic. Immunity is not only about creating a kind of armor or shield of protection around the body, but it is also about creating an attitude of flourishing, which is health. 

Essential Yin and Essential Yang Forms: These forms reflect the teachings of “Post-Daoism,” a new branch of Daoist philosophy created by Zhen Dao, representing radical revaluations of “inherited” or classical Daoism. Post-Daoism includes new understandings of Yin-Yang Theory and the introduction of a new Post-Daoist essence: Yun, and Post-Daoist 5-Realms Theory (as distinct from inherited 5-Element Theory). The sequencing of these qigong forms follows MogaDao’s 5-Realms Theory, and the forms tonify the organs according to the energies of these two essences,  both from a medicinal and spiritual point of view.

The Four Yijing Transitional Forms (The Cosmic Soma): Although all of MogaDao Qigong is archetypal and totemic, that is to say, an expression of cosmic forces within the human body, these four qigong forms are especially designed to apprehend and express the energies of change and transition—the living Dao—of personal and cosmic flux. They focus on the ways that the human being can embody the numinous or spiritual dimension of being through forms of sacred somatics. Done all together, this series is called “The Cosmic Soma,” which represents the energetic bridge between the human and the beyond-human worlds. As such, these forms of qigong are deeply spiritual rites of prayer.

The Eros Bridge Form is a 7-form series designed for individuals who seek a slow, gentle approach to their sensual selves and their sexual potential, or who are negotiating some form of non-acute sexual trauma. It  is designed specifically to slowly and accountably grow faith in one’s sexual body—or to grow back faith after one has been traumatized by the discrepancy between their native desire and their actual sexual experiences.

The Epicene Form is the Depth Sexuality Program’s 7-form series for sexual vitality and the liberation that comes from such seamless contact with one’s Jing, or vital life force. It is an intensely sexualized and erotic qigong form, the living embodiment of explicit sexual cultivation, expression and erotic freedom.

Your online 3 Pillars class this morning was truly excellent!

The sound, rhythm, and quality of your voice and sunny presence was right there inviting me to be in the room with you...just like in your classes!

It was a powerful experience!

Deep gratitude for this service which you are providing for the community

and building a strong house/new abode for us to dwell within.


Aleta Braun

Student, Santa Fe, New Mexico